ADD a MAGNET to your ITTY BITTY Order - 1 each

Image of ADD a MAGNET to your ITTY BITTY Order - 1 each

Add a magnet to the bottom of your Itty Bitty tin!! This serves as a needleminder to hold your needle whenever you need to put it down! You can also store your thread gloss on any magnetic surface when not in use!

***NOTE - 1 magnet = 1 Itty Bitty. If you are ordering multiple Itty Bitty tins, and you want magnets in ALL of them, please use the side pull down to indicate how many magnets you want.*** If you order only 1 and you have multiple Itty Bitty's ordered, I'll choose which one gets it if not specified in comments. :)

The wax is poured on top of the magnet so the magnet will be on the bottom of your gloss tin. Unless you are a die hard thread gloss user, you most likely won’t run into it. ;) The wax is NOT glued on the lid - I put a pink dot on your scent label so you know which one of your Itty Bitties has the magnet in the bottom.

***PLEASE NOTE - This is for the Itty Bitty's only, not for any molds***