Updates, FAQ's and Q&A's


Shipping Times - Updated April 2020:

Shipping times may be longer due to inventory issues occuring from COVID.  Please be patient during these weird times that we are all facing.  I am doing my best to keep my supplies in stock, however things are also limited and my normal items are harder to find and/or get in a reasonable time frame.  ALSO - there may be tin variations (color - never size) due to what I can get that doesn't take months to receive.  Also, please note, I am a one-woman shop so everything is made by myself only.  This is my hobby, not my full time job.  If I get a lot of orders, sometimes I do get behind.  Just please be patient with me. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.  


What is thread wax and how do I use it?

My thread gloss conditions your thread to make it glide easier through fabric AND it helps eliminate unwanted knots. It also strengthens your thread!

To use: Hold your thread wax in one hand lay your thread over it, press down with your thumb and pull. When the whole length of your thread has been coated, gently pull down the thread length with your thumb and forefinger to evenly coat the thread. That's it! Your thread will behave nicer once it's coated!

What can I use thread wax on? ANY hand sewing project! Binding, EPP, hand quilting, embroidery, cross-stitch, etc.! 


Do I sell wholesale? 

Currently, no - I sell my products here, but thank you for your interest!

My gloss has seem to have dried out, what do I do?

This will happen after about a year or if it hasn't been used for quite a while.  It can shrink (naturally) and it can dry out over time.  Never fear tho, it CAN be revitalized!

If you have a candle wax warmer or OR a coffee warmer until it melts. Turn off the warmer and let the wax solidify.  You can also use a blow dryer!  Just lightly blow the hot air on the wax until at least the top layer is melted.   Be careful to not get too close tho so that it splashes.  These tricks will make it good as new!  *Please note, this may diminish some of the scent, but it will be good as new.

If you don't have a warmer, you can preheat your oven or on the lowest setting as possible.  Stick your Itty Bitty tin on a foil lined cookie sheet.  Watch your gloss carefully and take it out as soon as it's melted.  Don't touch it until it is solidified.

*Please note - do NOT do this method to ANY molds.  They will melt and will be lost forever.  You can put your molds in a warm sunny windowsill for an afternoon.  Let the sun heat it up naturally and it should revive it slightly. 

What is in your thread gloss?

My thread gloss is 100% organic beeswax. NO I do NOT put any additives OR oils in it, besides the scents, which are your regular candle grade scents (NOT essential oils).  I buy my beeswax from a reputable company who does not use any chemicals or pesticides.  Oils may damage your fabric.

Sometimes the scents I use will tint the gloss slightly. This also has been known to occur over time as well. This is due to the natural oils from the fruits or items used to scent it.  This doesn't affect the gloss at all nor will it affect your project.  BUT, as I always recommend with my tinted glosses molds, please do a safety test on your thread before you use it on your special project if you are worried.

Can I return/exchange a thread gloss because I just don't like the scent I picked?

No - I'm sorry but due to the nature of these items not being 'factory sealed', I cannot resell them once they leave my hands.  Once you pick a scent, it's yours....so choose wisely.  Or give it to a friend! 

Are Unicorns real? 

Why yes! I'm so glad you asked! They are indeed real.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. ;)

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at robotmomsews @ gmail . com.